Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2011 PDF

Citizen Science

Participants contribute citizen-science data to the Cornell Lab from nearly every country, tracking the pulse of nature through the movements and abundance of birds.

Citizen Science participant images


We provide the best available scientific data to help government agencies, industries, and conservation organizations make decisions for wildlife protection.

Golden-winged Warbler photo


Our educational programs reach people in 70 countries—children, teenagers, university students, professionals, and people who simply love birds. Our goal: to increase by magnitudes the world's joy, understanding, and conservation of nature.

Golden-winged Warbler photo Golden-winged Warbler photo


Science is at the heart of the Cornell Lab. From curiosity to discovery to insight, scientific study deepens our appreciation of nature and reveals the actions needed to protect our planet and the diversity of life.

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Your support helps us

  • Advance conservation
  • Improve the understanding of birds and nature
  • Inspire others to learn and care about birds
  • Engage tens of thousands of bird watchers in citizen-science projects

As I look to the exciting work ahead, I am reminded that we couldn't do any of this without you and our many partners, collaborators and supporters. Thank you for enabling us to build the most powerful tools for science and conservation, advancing knowledge, and amplifying conservation around the world.


FY11 Revenues (through June 30, 2010)

Revenue Piechart for fiscal year 2011 through June 30;
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Membership and Gifts
  • Gifts Directed to Investment Funds
  • Program Income
  • Invested Funds and Related Income
  • Other

Total Revenue = $24,680,452

FY11 Expenditures

Expenditure Piechart for fiscal year 2011 through June 30;
  • Administration
  • Development
  • Program

Total Expenditures = $20,228,516

Fiscal Growth 2002 through 2011


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology takes great care to steward your gifts wisely. The Lab's revenue and expenses have grown consistently during the past seven years as programs have begun to mature and have a greater impact in the world. In addition to record income from grants and contracts, and continued healthy revenue from programs, the Lab continues to have a broad and generous base of financial support from donors through annual, capital, and planned giving. We strive to keep administrative and fundraising expenses as low as possible. Thank you for trusting us. We will continue to work hard so that these gifts result in positive impacts for birds and biodiversity.

Photography credits

From top to bottom, left to right: Spoon-billed Sandpiper and chick © Gerrit Vyn; Black-capped Petrel © Brian Sullivan; Yardmap graphic courtesy of Kevin Ripka; Golden-winged Warbler © Gerrit Vyn; Sapsucker Woods Migration Celebration by Alex Chang; Project PigeonWatch participants courtesy of Celebrate Urban Birds; Prothonotary Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler by Laura Erickson; Painted Redstart by Ed Schneider; American Redstart by Laura Erickson; Spoon-billed Sandpiper © Gerrit Vyn;

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